Product wordmarks

Products are the only sub-brand logos within our system.
Programs and initiatives don’t have custom logos.


Please use our icons when mentioning specific applications

Solid colors

To guarantee that you are using the right shade of our colours,
Please follow these references.

CMYK – for printed materials: flyers, business card, folders, etc
RGB – for digital materials: email markteking, social media, videos, etc
HEXA – for websites (html)

CMYK 81 61 0 0
RGB 0 104 255

CMYK 100 93 10 4
RGB 0 41 145

CMYK 63 0 11 0
RGB 54 200 227


The typography is a graphic element of branding.
Different type weights of the main typology (light, regular, bold and black) can be used,
how and when depends on the context. It is important to make sure the text is legible.
The second typology can be used in numeric.

Muli font (ENG-VN)



You can see the full case study here.


You can see the full case study here.

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